Are you still looking for summer essentials? Let our 10 selections inspire you a little. We have picked out the most important items for you.

1. Cardholder
There is no better way to keep your money and cards organized during the summer. Whether on the table or in your pocket, a cardholder is always convenient.

2. Jersey
Our number two is the jersey. It’s not only suitable for sports but has also become a part of everyday life for many people.

3. Slides
In third place, we have the slides. Slides are the perfect summer shoes - you can wear them casually or even on formal occasions. Versatility is just one of the many advantages of slides.

4. Sidebag
At number four, we have the sidebag. The sidebag is the perfect summer companion, allowing you to store all your essentials easily and look stylish at the same time.

5. Sunglasses
Who would have thought? Our number five is certainly no surprise to many - what would you do without sunglasses on sunny summer days? That's what we thought too, which is why sunglasses are definitely on our list.

6. Shirt
Number 6 is the linen shirt. There is nothing more comfortable to wear on a hot summer day than a linen shirt. Again, one of the advantages is that it can be worn both casually and formally, making it suitable for any occasion.

7. Perfume
Our number seven is also an indispensable part of everyday life. Especially in the summer, a good fragrance can definitely save lives. For summer, we recommend something fruity and fresh, but of course, it's up to you to choose what you like best.

8. Shorts
Shorts should not be missing from any wardrobe, as they are perfect for warmer days and suitable for everyone. The advantage of shorts is that they can be combined in many different ways, whether with a T-shirt, shirt, or jersey - almost anything goes with them.

9. Camera
Number nine might not be for everyone, but for us, it's an absolute must-have. On one hand it is really nice to have a camera with you to capture the moments you experience in summer and on the other it upgrades your style.

10. Book
Summer is the perfect time to put down your mobile phone and dive into an exciting book or an interesting magazine.
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