28 - Louis Tomlinson

Renowned as both a musical talent and a member of the iconic boy band One Direction, Louis Tomlinson has ventured into a new realm, debuting his very own fashion brand: 28.

Since the dissolution of One Direction in 2015, Louis Tomlinson has charted his own course. With a string of successful solo singles and his own tours, he has solidified his standing as a solo artist. However, his creative journey has transcended the realm of music.

Hailing from England, Tomlinson has harbored a profound connection to football since his early days. Simultaneously, his passion for fashion has been an intrinsic part of his life from a young age.

This profound amalgamation of influences shines brilliantly through his fashion endeavor, aptly named 28. This brand germinated as an idea almost a decade ago, blossoming into a tangible representation of his multifaceted inspirations.

The inaugural release of 28 serves as a poignant homage to the elements that have shaped Tomlinson's formative years. The core essence of 28 revolves around comfort, meticulous craftsmanship, and the use of premium materials.

Within the collection, an array of meticulously designed pieces grace the stage, encompassing football jerseys, hoodies, zippers, shorts, track pants, turtlenecks, caps, and socks. Each piece reflects a harmonious synthesis of influences and creativity.

The collection embodies a well-rounded showcase, with vintage jerseys notably occupying a central role as staple pieces, exuding a clear ode to classic sportswear aesthetics.

Anticipation abounds as we await the future unveilings of 28, keen to witness the brand's continued evolution and the embodiment of Louis Tomlinson's unique blend of football fervor and fashion flair.




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