The Legacy of Wilhelm Knoll

In the annals of furniture history, Wilhelm Knoll stands as a foundational figure, laying the groundwork for the Knoll dynasty. His journey began when he established his "leather store" in Stuttgart, a city renowned for its leather expertise. The year 1864 saw Wilhelm Knoll embark on a pivotal sojourn to Paris, the epicenter of leather, fashion, and luxury.

"Knoll Leder" quickly evolved into a respected trademark, earning Wilhelm Knoll the esteemed title of "K├Âniglicher Hoflieferant" (Royal Court Supplier) by the W├╝rtembergerisches Herrenhaus.

In 1906, the leather furniture enterprise expanded its horizons, transforming into Wilhelm Knoll's leather seating furniture factory. The reins of this innovative venture were soon passed to Wilhelm's sons, Willy and Walter Knoll. Under their stewardship, the company ventured into the production of furniture and made history by introducing Germany's first-ever club chair.

Walter Knoll, the sophisticated urbanite, broke new ground at the age of 50 by establishing his own entity, Walter Knoll GmbH & Co. GmbH. Notably, the "Prodomo" models crafted under his purview are heralded as the pioneers of modern upholstered furniture.

In an era when post-war Germany clung to classical furnishing styles, Walter Knoll boldly championed the modern way of life. His vision found support from his son, Hans Knoll, who contributed significantly to the reconstruction efforts with the innovative Vostra model.

The seventies marked the genesis of the Contract division, where Walter Knoll excelled in creating elegant executive suites, comfortable swivel chairs, sophisticated conference furnishings, and high-quality sofas for foyers and lobbies.

In 2006, the Walter Knoll company introduced a multifunctional building in Herrenberg. This architectural marvel seamlessly integrates production facilities, customer service, office operations, and a splendid showroom.

Today, Walter Knoll is celebrated as one of the world's preeminent manufacturers of exceptionally crafted furniture, solidifying its indomitable presence in the global furniture landscape.

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