Arne Jacobsen (*1902 - †1971)

Arne Jacobsen was raised in Copenhagen and is said to have painted over the Victorian wallpaper in his childhood bedroom. Instead of adorning his walls with typical children's drawings or using boyish colors to cover the ornate wallpaper, he made an unconventional choice: he painted his entire room white. Although this decision may seem ordinary today, it was quite unconventional in the early twenties when it was not yet considered fashionable. Arne Jacobsen demonstrated his forward-thinking nature from a young age.

Throughout over half of the twentieth century, Arne Jacobsen's ideas have significantly influenced Danish design, rapidly spreading across the globe. He is not only renowned as one of the world's most celebrated designers but also recognized as one of the most influential figures who have left an indelible mark on global architecture.

He is the visionary behind some of the most iconic design classics that are revered today:

- Egg™
- Swan™
- Serie 7™
- Ant™
- Drop™
- And many more.

Arne Jacobsen's legacy continues to resonate, embodying both his avant-garde spirit and his timeless contributions to the world of design and architecture.

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