Best styled rappers last year
In the dynamic intersection of rap and fashion, this year witnessed a profound integration of style into the hip-hop scene. Streetwear, once confined to urban settings, has now gracefully made its way onto prestigious catwalks. Six rappers, through their distinctive fashion choices, left an indelible mark on the fashion world in 2023, earning them the title of the best-styled rappers of the year:

Pharrell Williams:
Pharrell, as the new Creative Director for Louis Vuitton men, was a focal point last year. His inaugural collection with the fashion giant, unveiled in June, not only shaped the fashion landscape but also influenced his personal style. Pharrell's current aesthetic, leaning towards country-inspired elements, is reflected in his unique and avant-garde style, setting him leagues ahead of his time.

Tyler the Creator:
A longstanding fashion icon for many, Tyler the Creator consistently exhibits meticulously curated outfits. His style gravitates towards cozy luxury with a hint of streetwear, characterized by thoughtful color play. Remaining true to a classic, yet non-ostentatious line, Tyler stands as a timeless fashion idol.

A$AP Rocky:
A$AP Rocky's style defies easy categorization. Pioneering fashion with unconventional yet timely outfits, he has secured a prominent place in the fashion world. His classic, modern, and streetwear-inspired ensembles showcase the mastery of his distinctive style. The end of last year saw him collaborating with the esteemed fashion house, "Bottega Veneta," further imprinting his mark on the industry.

Travis Scott:
In 2023, Travis Scott solidified his presence in the realms of luxury and streetwear through impactful collaborations, notably with "Audemars Piguet" and his brand "Cactus Jack." His industrial street style, marked by extremely baggy yet cropped cuts, aligns seamlessly with the current trends. Collaborating even with German streetwear brand "No Faith Studios," for his tour outfit, Travis Scott's influence extends across borders.

Lil Yachty:
A notable transformation in style marked Lil Yachty's journey in 2023, positioning him among the most stylish rappers of the year. His Instagram showcases vibrant, baggy fits, seamlessly blending plaid shirts with denim jackets and exploring gorpcore aesthetics with Arcteryx jackets. Lil Yachty's immersive dive into fashion resulted in trendsetting outfits that resonate with the contemporary fashion landscape.

Kendrick Lamar:
Kendrick Lamar's consistent fashion choices over the years stand out for their independence from social media trends. Uninfluenced by fleeting fads, Kendrick wears what resonates with his personal taste, creating unmistakable and timeless outfits that rightfully earn him a well-deserved place on this list.


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