**BigFanta$y: Crafting a Unique Musical Journey**

At just 20 years old, BigFanta$y has been making waves in the hip-hop scene for three years, amassing an impressive 500,000 views across various platforms. However, his musical odyssey began in the realms of techno and DnB.

BigFanta$y's foray into hip-hop can be traced back to his discovery of Suicideboys. Armed with nothing but Apple headphones and beats from YouTube, he embarked on a journey of musical self-discovery.

Two years down the road, a collective began to take shape, comprising fellow producers and creatives. They came together to support, learn from, and inspire each other, resulting in a remarkable elevation of their recording and production skills.

Q: Are there days when you think you will stop making music?

A: Absolutely, there are days when I contemplate calling it quits. But each time, I find renewed motivation through the work of other artists who inspire me.

**Q: What are the struggles for young artists in Vorarlberg?**

A: Vorarlberg boasts a small hip-hop scene, making it challenging for emerging artists. Many talents are concentrated in larger cities, which can sometimes make it hard to feel connected to the local scene. It's also a bit of a challenge if you're not into the typical street rap.

**Q: If you think 10 years ahead, where would you like to be?**

A: A decade is a substantial span of time, and I envision my streaming numbers being strong enough by then to sustain a living from my music.

**Q: Which artists inspire you the most?**

A: Initially, it was Suicideboys who sparked my inspiration. However, as my sound has evolved, I find myself drawing inspiration from a diverse range of songs and artists.

**Q: In which city would you like to live one day?**

A: My goal is to explore the entire world, but my roots will always be in Vorarlberg, where my family and friends are. Nevertheless, I aspire to spend several years living abroad.

**Q: Any upcoming albums or releases we should be excited about?**

A: Absolutely! Here's what's on the horizon:

- "Hxme Made" short film - September 10, 2023
- "Ultimate" - September 15, 2023
- "Hxme Made" - October 13, 2023
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