Boyarovskaya - The brand with an unpronounceable name

Boyarovskaya, a Paris-based womenswear brand, emerged on the fashion scene in 2016, bearing an enigmatic name that defies pronunciation. The creative minds behind this unique label are Maria Boyarovskaya and Artem Kononenko. Maria's journey led her through the corridors of Istituto Marangoni, followed by stints as a Junior designer at Givenchy's design studio and later at John Galliano. Artem, on the other hand, is a fashion photographer and co-founder of this avant-garde brand.

At the core of Boyarovskaya's identity lies a conceptual universe, renowned for its distinctive take on contemporary elegance, prominently featuring deconstructed tailoring. Their latest presentation unfolded in an aging edifice nestled beside the Seine, a departure from the conventions of a traditional runway show. Instead, the duo embraced an alternative approach, evoking the spirited ambiance of a techno rave. Four models graced the space, offering brief glimpses of their ensembles before unleashing a captivating dance performance that defied expectations.

Boyarovskaya has redefined versatility with its multifunctional outfits. These creations effortlessly transition from chic events to vibrant parties, embodying the brand's ethos of adaptable elegance.

The first look unveiled a black top adorned with intricate straps, paired seamlessly with a leather-inspired, pleated black skirt, epitomizing edgy sophistication. As the presentation unfolded, more opulent dresses in striking black and white made their appearance, showcasing the brand's ability to effortlessly blend sophistication with contemporary style. Finally, a beige dress with a net-like texture stole the show, offering a captivating finale to this remarkable collection. Boyarovskaya continues to captivate the fashion world with its innovative and multifaceted designs.

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