Clubs in Vorarlberg (18+)

Conrad Sohm
The largest club in Vorarlberg, Conrad Sohm offers a diverse array of music, including events like Backwood, Drippin, Lowcut, and the Cultural Summer Festival. Its unique location nestled in a valley next to the Dornbirn Arch adds to its charm. While the club sports a more vintage design, it seamlessly blends with the beautiful surroundings. The venue features a party area and an outdoor space for both smokers and those who simply wish to hang out in the open air.

Sender Club
Named after the nearby broadcasting tower in Lustenau, Sender Club stands as one of Vorarlberg’s most contemporary party destinations. Spread across 2 floors with an outdoor area, it caters to all your party desires. Hosting events like Breezy, Brown Sugar, Good Life, and Kinky, the club creates a lively atmosphere with great music. It can accommodate approximately 1,500 partygoers.

Market 33
Formerly known as the club Vakanz, the newly rebranded Market 33, now under the ownership of the renowned “Kartell,” has undergone a complete makeover in terms of aesthetics and style. Thanks to this transformation, it has emerged as one of the most modern clubs in Vorarlberg. Situated conveniently in the heart of Dornbirn, Market 33 can hold around 500 guests. With events such as Ecliptic, Vibes & Energy, and Heizraum, Market33 caters to a broad spectrum of music enthusiasts. The age limit for entry is 21+.

Rauch Club
Feldkirch’s nightlife scene would not be complete without the charming Rauch Club. Although it’s the smallest club on our list, Rauch boasts a wide range of well-known events, including Trill, Nightvision, and Cybertribe. Housed within old vaults, the club offers a unique party atmosphere. Additionally, its division into two rooms ensures a well-distributed crowd for a memorable night out.
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