Drakes Watch Collection
Drake, the Canadian rap superstar, has not only taken the music world by storm, but has also developed an impressive passion for exclusive watches. His watch collection is not just a collection of timepieces, but an impressive display of luxury, uniqueness and personal style.

One jewel in this collection is undoubtedly the customized Rolex x Chrome Hearts. During a ride in his Mercedes-Maybach S-Class Landaulet, Drake gave us an exclusive look at this masterpiece. The polished gold dial and hands, combined with a silver case set with baguette diamonds, make this watch a piece of jewelry in a class of its own. However, the special feature is not just the design, but also the creative reworking of the Rolex presidential chain with an extravagant gold number designed by Chrome Hearts.

Another highlight is the custom-made Patek Philippe Nautilus, which Drake sings about in his song "The Life Is Good". This collaboration between the Swiss watch manufacturer and fashion designer Virgil Abloh was realized by Mad Paris and is a true work of art on the wrist. With an emerald-covered dial, it exudes luxury and sophistication, while its exclusivity is emphasized by the limited edition of only 40 pieces.

Drake's penchant for bespoke creations continues with the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak crafted by Alyx. Created in collaboration with Matthew Williams and Mad Paris, this watch is a unique statement piece. The industrial steel case, brushed steel dial and signature Alyx buckle make it a coveted collector's item. With only 40 pieces made worldwide and a hefty price tag of $47,995, it's clear that this watch is more than just a timepiece - it's a combination of art and craftsmanship.

The Jacob & Co Astronomia Casino, a creation of Drake's own design imagination, takes the collection to a new level. With a two-axis tourbillon, a globe and a rotating time display, all presented in a skeletonized frame, this watch not only tells the time, but provides a glimpse into the fascinating mechanics behind the timepiece. With only 88 examples worldwide and a fixed price of €649,000, it embodies the pinnacle of exclusivity.
The Rolex Day-Date 40, cast in 18-carat gold, rounds off the collection. This timeless classic not only demonstrates Drake's love of outstanding design, but also first-class craftsmanship. With 18-karat gold hour markers and an estimated price tag of $40,000, it shows that even a classic has a place in the rapper's collection.

Drake's watch collection is not just a collection of expensive timepieces, but a journey through luxury, individuality and art. Each watch tells its own story and reflects the artist's unique personality. In this collection, musical success and timeless elegance come together to create a truly fascinating chapter in the history of luxury watches.

source: gq-magazin.de and raptastisch.net
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