In the heart of Tuscany, Edra was established in 1987. Today, this illustrious Italian furniture manufacturer stands as a global icon, renowned for their uncompromising commitment to unparalleled quality, artistic heritage, cutting-edge technological research, meticulous craftsmanship, and employment of top-tier materials.

Edra has consistently crafted products that exude exclusivity and timelessness. Their collection encompasses an array of sofas, armchairs, and assorted pieces, meticulously designed and meticulously crafted to achieve a level of uniqueness and distinction. As a result, customers bask in the ultimate comfort and are bequeathed with a legacy that endures through time.

Constantly driven by a pursuit of enhanced quality and a passion for innovation, Edra engenders exclusive solutions. Within their internal research center, a highly skilled and handpicked team adeptly oversees every phase of the manufacturing process, ensuring that only the utmost competence prevails. The materials utilized boast certified quality, with an unwavering focus on achieving the pinnacle of comfort.

Edra's excellence also shone on a global stage during the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro (2016) and in Pyeongchang, South Korea (2018). Proudly representing Italy, Edra stood as the Official Supplier for the Casa Italia Collection. Beyond their commitment to sports, Edra remains an ardent champion of culture, as evidenced by their publication of books that magnify the beauty of Italy and the splendor of its products.

Source: https://www.edra.com/de/company
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