Eminem in Fortnite

The recent Fortnite event featuring a globally renowned rapper marked the game’s largest spectacle to date, offering insights into its future. Fortnite, known for its animated characters and engaging gameplay, hosts events that transcend traditional gaming experiences. Previous concerts by artists like Travis Scott and Ariana Grande were just a taste of what was to come.

However, this event was unparalleled. The anticipation was so immense that Epic Games‘ servers couldn’t handle the massive influx of users, causing hours-long queues and complete chaos. Despite Epic Games‘ advice to log in early, the overwhelming demand surpassed all expectations, leaving many wondering if this was due to inadequate preparation or the rapper’s overwhelming popularity.

The event itself unfolded dramatically. A rocket-induced black hole engulfed the map, transporting players across different worlds – one made entirely of Lego and another where they raced cars in the Fortnite universe. These glimpses hint at upcoming seasons or game modes. Afterwards Eminem took the center stage, starting with his hit „Lose Yourself.“ Yet, the show was abruptly disrupted as a giant Eminem destroyed the stage, leading into the song „Godzilla,“ featuring Juice WRLD where he demolished skyscrapers in a dark world. The audience soared through various galaxies before concluding in the „Fortnite Galaxy,“ concluding the 15-minute spectacle.
Post-event, Fortnite offered exclusive skins, dance moves, and items in the Infame store, rewarding participants with a free standard skin for attending the event.

Source: nytimes.com
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