1. Can you provide a brief overview of yourself? Who are you, where are you from, and what do you do?

My name is Felix, known by my stage name "Felyks" in the music scene. I'm a 20-year-old artist from Vorarlberg, Austria, and I've been crafting my own songs for 3.5 years, aiming to establish a presence in the German rap/pop scene.

2. How long have you been involved in creating music, and how has your journey evolved over time?

My musical journey commenced in childhood, starting with guitar lessons and covering tracks from artists like Justin Bieber during my teens. At 17, I ventured into composing and uploading my own songs on Spotify, receiving unwavering support from the German rap artist "Cozy." This support initiated a substantial transformation in my career, propelling me from an initial 100 streams to over 400 thousand streams to date.

3. Do you prefer working independently or collaborating with others? How do these dynamics influence your creative process?

Regarding my work style, I find solace in solitary efforts during song recording and the mix/mastering phase. However, I value collaboration within a team, such as having FaridGoat handling video production and collaborations with artists like "Lil Milot" for tracks like "Wenn ich Geh," alongside the team Königssöhne.

4. What drives you to create music, and what themes or emotions do you primarily explore in your lyrics?

Music serves as both my source of strength and artistic expression. It allows me to articulate emotions and ideas, sometimes blurring the line between reality and fiction in my lyrics—a fusion I believe enhances the artistic essence.

5. Have you tried producing beats yourself, or do you mainly focus on other aspects of music creation?

While I dabbled in beat production during my younger years, I realized it wasn't my forte.

6. Can you elaborate on the typical timeline from conceptualizing a song to its completion, including video production and the mix/mastering process?

The duration to complete a song, from inception to video finalization, fluctuates significantly. While some songs materialize within an hour, others demand months of meticulous crafting. Typically, the video production with Farid takes around two weeks, culminating in a four-week timeline for a fully finalized song. However, these timelines remain flexible.

7. How would you describe the distinctive characteristics of your music, and what sets your songs apart from others in the industry?

I pride myself on being a versatile artist, constantly experimenting with diverse beats and lyrical themes to offer a unique musical experience.

8. Looking back at the past year, do you feel you've accomplished the goals you set for yourself? How do you perceive your growth and progress in 2023?

Reflecting on 2023, I've achieved most of my set goals, though I tend to set high standards for myself. It was a year of significant personal and musical growth, introducing me to new connections and knowledge.

9. What are your aspirations, both within the realm of music and outside of it, for the upcoming year?

Moving forward to 2024, my musical goal is to create a song that resonates widely, aiming to reach 50,000 monthly listeners—a milestone that fuels my drive and ambition.

10. Could you give us a glimpse into your future releases and what listeners can anticipate from you in the near future?

I have an exciting lineup of releases planned, including pre-produced songs, an EP, and multiple singles scheduled for an early 2024 launch—a period of continued creativity and musical exploration.
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