In the quest for meaning and comfort, individuals follow their expectations and dreams while longing for balance and authenticity. They seek a place where they can recognize the true value of things and feel at home. Driven by a passion for authentic design and a commitment to responsible decision-making, this entity creates honest products and serene environments that inspire people to balance life’s contrasts.

Based in Copenhagen, they collaborate with craftsmen worldwide, blending Scandinavian sensibilities with global skills and traditions. Their collections feature soft forms, rich textures, and unique details, enabling the creation of environments with unexpected accents. From materials and processes to production and delivery, they challenge themselves to contribute to a sustainable future and facilitate responsible choices for their customers. They design collections of furniture, accessories, and lighting to help individuals create spaces where they feel entirely at ease.

The journey began with wallpaper—or rather, a lack of it—in 2005. Unable to find suitable wallpaper for their new home, the founder decided to create her own designs, leading to ten unique wallpapers. She applied to showcase them at a fair in Denmark but could only afford to produce one design. Thus, with one wallpaper and a handful of prints, ferm LIVING was born.

The core values of ferm LIVING have always been a source of pride. Over the past 14 years, the company has grown beyond expectations, evolving into a home with a talented team and an extensive product portfolio. Their primary goal has always been to inspire people to create spaces where they feel comfortable and can be their authentic selves.

Ferm LIVING continues to offer inspiring, high-quality designs made from honest materials, investing in long-term partnerships with manufacturers and fostering a company culture that prioritizes balance and transparency. Their commitment to ethical and sustainable practices remains stronger than ever, ensuring their ongoing contribution to a more environmentally friendly future.

Source: fermliving.de
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