"Austrian-born and Antwerp-based designer, Florentina Leitner, recently unveiled her captivating Fall/Winter 2024 collection titled "L'Autrichienne", drawing profound influence from a celebrated Austrian historical figure. Channeling the essence of Sofia Coppola’s renowned film, the lineup embodies the essence of a chic and self-assured woman with a penchant for canines, bows, and shimmering detail.

Leitner’s blend of history with a contemporary zest weaves a fashion story that transcends time. Lavish fabrics take the forefront, introducing an eclectic fusion of ornate embellishments and refreshing contemporary touches. Screen-printed Poodle tees, alongside edgy biker jackets in opulent velvet, come together with faux fur highlights.

Graceful outlines juxtapose eye-catching elements, synthesizing the grandeur of past eras with a modern-day sharpness. Puffed florals and voluminous sleeves channel the ornate aesthetic of the 18th century, yet are reimagined through modern cuts and whimsical patterns, lending the lineup a blend of wit and finesse.

On the footwear front, Leitner partners with sneaker brand “ATCROX” to debut pearl-studded velvet sneakers and dazzling silver shoes, nodding to the opulence of Marie Antoinette’s court. 

Austrian Fashion Designer Florentina Leitner launched her Fashion Brand in 2022 after graduating from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. The Belgium-based brand creates RTW Womenswear Collections with a semi-couture touch, and floral, feminine and fun, Florentina signature. Already known for its prints and 3D flowers, the brand produces its collections in small artisanal factories in Italy. Florentina has also quickly become a brand loved by celebrities and fashion icons all over the world.

Florentina Leitner, born and raised in Austria, is an emerging designer based in Antwerp, Belgium. Early on, she discovered her passion for fashion and began honing her creative skills. After graduating from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp in 2022, she founded her eponymous label and quickly rose to become one of the most promising new voices in the fashion industry.

Leitner is characterized by her unique aesthetic, embodying a skillful blend of romance, elegance, and modernity. Her designs are known for their playful details, feminine cuts, and the use of high-quality materials. Inspired by art, culture, and history, she creates collections that are timeless yet contemporary.

With a focus on ready-to-wear women's collections with a touch of couture, Leitner has carved out a niche for herself in the fashion industry. Her creations are both wearable and artful, and she aims to empower women to express themselves through their clothing and celebrate their individuality.

Through her collaboration with renowned manufacturers and small artisanal workshops in Italy, Leitner ensures high quality and craftsmanship in each of her pieces. Her commitment to sustainability and ethical production is another cornerstone of her brand, earning recognition from her customers and the industry alike.

Florentina Leitner has quickly made a name for herself in the fashion world and has been loved and appreciated by celebrities and fashion icons worldwide. With "L'Autrichienne," she continues her creative journey, showcasing once again her talent for merging history and couture into a unique and captivating fashion narrative."

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