Giorgetti: A Legacy of Over a Century

Rooted in a tradition of masterful carpentry, steeped in the wisdom of materials, and always gazing toward the future, Giorgetti has remained an unwavering beacon of excellence.

In the year 2018, Giorgetti proudly celebrated its 120th anniversary, marking a remarkable journey through time adorned with countless tales, destinations, artifacts, and visionary undertakings. To commemorate this milestone, Francesca Molteni and Cristiana Colli penned a cherished tome, a testament to profound contemplation, replete with evocative imagery. Within its pages lies the narrative of a brand's history, woven seamlessly with the allure of its creations. It's a story that exclaims "MADE IN ITALY" with every stroke.

Giorgetti stands as a paragon of unparalleled craftsmanship in the realm of global furniture manufacturing. Their astonishing fusion of diverse materials yields creations that are nothing short of extraordinary, attracting a discerning clientele with an affinity for the extraordinary.

To possess a Giorgetti piece is akin to acquiring a masterpiece, a painting by a revered artist.

Truly, Giorgetti - **UNIQUE!**
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