In honor of Milano Design Week 2021, Gufram commemorates the fiftieth anniversary of one of its most iconic creations: PRATONE®. Ever committed to preserving the visionary and unconventional essence of Italian Radical Design, the brand proudly revisits its heritage with a special edition of this groundbreaking seating masterpiece. PRATONE® FOREVER emerges as the next chapter in the saga of its renowned predecessor: an open edition of the modular chaise lounge that defies conventional notions of seating. While retaining its surreal aesthetic, this new rendition is swathed in fabric available in three distinct shades of green, ensuring versatility in any household setting due to its more compact dimensions.
PRATONE® FOREVER represents the culmination of fifty years of this timeless icon, a legend that reinvents itself and transcends time, increasingly assuming the role of functional art. Despite retaining its soft polyurethane core—a hallmark of Gufram's craftsmanship—PRATONE® FOREVER undergoes a transformation in its exterior. Originally coated in Guflac®, a specialized paint devised and patented by the company to preserve the softness and elasticity of its polyurethane creations, this special edition now boasts an elastic wool bouclé fabric that molds seamlessly to the chair's eccentric contours, ensuring exceptional durability against wear and tear.
"An icon endures through time, yet to remain relevant, it must evolve with the present era."
Ideal for both residential and commercial spaces, PRATONE® FOREVER meets regulatory standards for public furnishings. The fabric options, available in varying shades of green—from subtle to vivid—pay homage to PRATONE®'s classic color while acknowledging the subtle shifts it has undergone over the years.
Though more compact in size—30% smaller than its predecessor and featuring 25 stems instead of the original 42—PRATONE® FOREVER stays true to the Radical ethos that defines its aesthetic. The base proudly displays its name, rendered in black silk-screened lettering on the fabric, maintaining the integrity of the original font and design, albeit with a contemporary twist.
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