WILL808PM has experienced a rapid rise in the German rap scene in recent years. With a co-signing by the legendary rap producer Juh-Dee and one of the most prestigious German rap labels called "23Hours" by Eugen Kazakov, Will has gained new opportunities and connections that only exceptional talents receive. In just under two years, Will has produced a range of songs with top artists and climbed the career ladder.

Introduce yourself briefly, who are you? What do you do? Where are you from?

I am Chris, also known as Will808Pm. I am a music producer signed with Juh-Dee and Eugen Kazakov through Warner Chappell Music. I come from Austria.

When did you start producing music and why?

I started producing music between 2017 and 2018. It began because I always found beats and the backgrounds very interesting. This interest developed into a passion over time as I delved deeper into the possibilities and the subject matter. This passion was accompanied by the inspiration from Travis Scott and Rin, until I was eventually able to turn it into my work.

What were the best moments and experiences in music production?

The best moment by far was when I was in talks with Juh-Dee and Eugen Kazakov about where I would be signed. When the decision was made that I would get an exclusive contract that included both parties, it was an incredible opportunity and an entryway into the German music scene.

In your opinion, what is your best track?

The best project I am most proud of is “17” by Kwam.E. However, “Illusion” by Liaze is also a very special song for me because it stands out from the others on the album. There are also several projects in the pipeline that you can look forward to in the near future.

You have also been to America to produce. What are the differences between the German and American scenes?

The biggest difference is the workflow. In America, artists pick ready-made beats and work with them in sessions. In Germany, it is more common for beats to be created in the session together with the artists. This results in a much closer collaboration, allowing the artists to infuse their own creativity into the beats.

Do you prefer German rap or American rap? Listening and producing

I listen to both equally in my personal life. When producing, the focus is naturally on German rap, though I am always aware of what is happening overseas.

How is the connection from Austria to Düsseldorf/Duisburg with the guys from Juh-Dee and Eugen?

I love working with them because they take great care of me. What I appreciate most is the open communication; they always give me honest feedback on my work and support me with advice and assistance. This makes the collaboration very pleasant and allows plenty of room for development. I am constantly in contact with the guys and regularly travel to Germany for sessions. They also receive samples for sessions when I am not able to be there in person.

How did the collaboration with 23Hours and Juh-Dee come about?

It all started with me regularly sending my samples and beats to Juh-Dee and Eugen. After some time, Eugen responded to my messages, and we started talking. He said he liked my work and asked if I would be interested in coming to Düsseldorf to meet. Coincidentally, a private workshop with Juh-Dee came up through “The Producer Network.” You could sign up, submit your work, and about 8-10 people were selected and invited to his studio in Duisburg. I then contacted Eugen, told him I would be in Duisburg for the workshop, and asked if he had time to meet since I would be in the area. The workshop was a complete success for me, as Juh-Dee was very impressed with my work. He asked if I wanted to stay a bit longer, and we talked some more. Juh-Dee gave me his number and asked me to send him some more stuff. The next day, I had my meeting with Eugen, which also went very well. We agreed that I would keep sending my work to both of them. Over several months, I worked hard, sent my work, and regardless of whether I received a response or feedback, I showed that I was hungry and eager. This eventually led to the signing. Interestingly, I later found out that Eugen and Juh-Dee had already discussed me before the workshop, and Eugen had told Juh-Dee to keep an eye on me and give feedback on how I was doing.

How is working with major artists in the studio? Are there differences from smaller sessions?

Overall, it’s not that big of a difference. You can notice the drive and ambition of larger artists, which they also bring to the sessions. However, in terms of workflow, there’s hardly any difference from working with smaller artists.

Your life has turned upside down in recent years. Where do you see yourself in five years?

I try to think as little as possible about all of this and avoid planning too much. Of course, I think about it from time to time, but at the end of the day, things happen as they must, regardless of how much you think about it. I prefer to put my energy and time into my passion, producing, and working on my dreams. With this mindset, I’ve reached my current position, and I believe that this approach will take me even further.

How has the perception in the scene and in your hometown changed since the signing?

Of course, many in my hometown know that I make music, but most don’t understand the details behind it and are not familiar enough with the subject to understand how far I have come and what I have already achieved.

Can you imagine living off music production and working in the hip-hop scene for the rest of your life?

Definitely YES! Who wouldn’t want that after managing to turn their passion into a profession and live their dream?

What are your next steps, where do you want to go in your career?

I am very goal-oriented and always work step-by-step, but it’s very important to me to approach everything calmly and thoughtfully. In the future, I will continue to focus on leading sessions and creating samples. My next major goal is definitely to be the main producer in a major session.

What are your top 3 dream placements you still wish for?

Very good question, as every producer has their dream placements. My work changes in phases. Depending on what I’m listening to and liking at the moment, my dream placements also vary. In the American market, some examples would be Travis Scott, Gunna, and Drake. In the German-speaking market, it’s currently Rin, Billa Joe, and of course, the 23Hours guys.

Which producers would you still like to work with?

I am fortunate to now be able to work with big names in the German-speaking market. However, if I had to dream big, it would probably be OZ or Metro Boomin.
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