Q: A short introduction about you. Where are you from? What do you do? Since when have you been making music? What are the biggest successes or the best moments in your career?
A: I'm a music producer from Alabama. I started in late 2019, and since then, some of my biggest accomplishments have been winning my first-ever beat battle, also being the youngest person there, being selected to go to @TnTxd’s producer camp, and executively producing a few smaller projects. A huge moment for me was when I won the beat battle; it opened many doors for me, such as being able to go backstage at a Moneybagg Yo concert where I got to meet industry artists and even go on stage with Rapper YTB Fatt.
Q: What plugins do you usually use, and what is your favorite plugin?
A: Some plugins I use on an everyday basis are really any Piano plugin, Keyscape, and addictive keys, to be specific. I feel they're a staple in almost all productions, but recently, I've ventured into more synths and unique sounds because of new inspiration from Travis Scott’s Utopia Album.
Q: What do you like most about producing?
Ar: I love the creativity; there are no rules to follow. The only limitation is yourself. I love starting a new project and just creating what comes to me.
Q: How does the collaboration in the studio with artists and other producers work?
A: In the studio, most producers will start a new project, and each person will have a role. Someone works on the melody and then passes it over to someone to focus on the drums. In between, if someone hears something they could add, they could definitely pitch in at any moment. It's all a team effort.
Q: What has changed for you since the day of Beatbattle?
A: The thing that has changed the most is honestly my viewpoint on things. I've learned so much from all the new people I've met; it has really changed my perspective on a lot of topics in the industry.
Q: Where do you think you will be in the next few years?
A: In a few years, I see myself doing music full-time. My goal is 2025, and at the moment, that goal is looking good. I'm really pushing to get my first major placement either this year or early next year. A big goal, in general, is to expand my network. I always love meeting new people and learning valuable lessons from them. In this industry, you always have to keep learning.
Q: Are there any label deals on the horizon?
A: At the moment, I have many management offers, and label deals are in the works. I'm not too sure on what will happen yet, but big things are on the horizon for sure.
Q: Do you already have beat placements?
A: Not any major placements at the moment, but with my recent connections and work ethic, a major placement could come very soon. 
Q: What is your dream placement?
A: My dream placement is Travis Scott for sure. He's been my favorite artist for years now and has inspired me in many ways. I'm a big fan of his overall creativity. No matter if it's clothes, music, etc., Trav never disappoints.
Q: Where do you want to go, and at what point do you say you've achieved everything?
A: My goal is to really become an asset to the industry, create a new sound that people will pass down for years. I'm not sure if I'll ever be at a point where I've done it all because I'm always hungry for more; that's just who I am. Even if I were to accomplish all my goals, there are so many other genres and industries outside of music that I'd like to seriously get into.
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