Lenovo “ME TIME”

Lenovo, a major tech company, is expanding into fashion through a collaboration with three designers, focusing on the theme of “tablets.” This collection also emphasizes “Me Time,” offering individuals personal moments for well-being and their favorite activities, anytime, anywhere.

The three visionary designers - RANRA, Kit Wan Studios, and Maium - embraced this challenge and created pieces that seamlessly harmonize with the essence of “Me Time.”

RANRA, a designer with a presence in both London and Reykjavik, devised a light-suppressing rain poncho with an isolation hood, complemented by a tablet harness infused with multiple features. RANRA’s vision transcends the incorporation of electronics into clothing; it revolves around enhancing people’s lives through thoughtful design.

In RANRA’s words: “It was kind of the perfect brief that we’ve been wanting to work on for a while — the ability to think really broadly about the integration of me-time in fashion and technology... It’s not about integrating elements of electronics into your clothing, but it’s thinking about things like how the piece performs.”

Maium, hailing from Amsterdam, adopted a different perspective, crafting a series of jackets that ingeniously transform into inflatable hammocks. “This campaign was so lovely because I could completely think out of the box with the showpiece,” shared Maium.

Hong Kong’s Kit Wan Studios made a modular techno-armor exo-skeleton that merges technological design processes with streetwear. “For me, it’s a really close-knitted relationship between fashion and tech. Me-time and fashion can really merge together to create something very extraordinary. All of my work – they’re always made to be one of a kind…Inspiration always really comes unexpectedly, so it’s very important for me to have something to document those unexpected inspirations” said Wan.
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