Loufre: A Rising Star in the German Rap Scene

„Loufre,“ a burgeoning artist from Baden-Württemberg, has swiftly become a prominent figure in the realm of German rap. At the age of 21, he made a pivotal move to Vienna in 2022, dedicating himself wholeheartedly to his music and steadily ascending the career ladder. Propelled by chart-toppers like „HIGH“ and „Hasst mich,“ Loufre has garnered millions of streams, amassing an impressive monthly listener base of nearly 70,000. Aligned with Dreamgangrecords, alongside YBRE and Luvdasco, Loufre has unleashed several chart-worthy tracks under the label. His direct connection to fans, boasting almost 2500 followers on Instagram, underscores his popularity, foreshadowing a level of success in the coming years that many artists only aspire to achieve. The evidence is already apparent in his streaming numbers.

Over the years, Loufre has meticulously crafted a distinctive musical style, fusing melancholic tones with soulful lyrics. The rhythmic backbone, reminiscent of hyperpop and trap, adds an unconventional yet infectious allure to his work, rendering his style both unique and catchy.

Top songs from loufre:

HIGH - 2 million streams
Hates Me - 1 million streams
Nie wieder Fallen - almost 1 million streams
Moonlight - almost 500 thousand streams
Vergessen - almost 500 thousand streams
Baddies im Hotelroom - almost 400 thousand streams
Not Normal - almost 200 thousand streams

Source: spotify.com
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