Founded in the streets of Copenhagen in 1874, Louis Poulsen stands as a venerable beacon of illumination, infusing spaces with its timeless creations. As the original house of light, its journey is steeped in a commitment to crafting products that transcend mere functionality, embodying an ethos of exceptional light that elevates environments and enriches lives.

Drawing from a rich legacy of luxury lighting, Louis Poulsen holds steadfast to the belief that true brilliance arises from the fusion of passionate craftsmanship, premium materials, and design. Guided by the venerable Danish design tradition, its creations epitomize the principle that form harmonizes seamlessly with function. Light is not just an element to be harnessed but a malleable medium that Louis Poulsen sculpts, molds, and manipulates to define spaces and evoke emotions.

At the heart of Louis Poulsen's heritage lies the profound influence of the highly influential Danish designer, architect, writer, and cultural critic, Poul Henningsen (1894-1967). Henningsen's legacy as the original master of light is an integral part of Louis Poulsen’s identity, shaping its commitment to exceptional illumination. Born in Copenhagen to esteemed Danish writers Agnes Henningsen and Carl Ewald, Henningsen initially pursued traditional functionalist architecture before shifting his focus to lighting, achieving iconic status in this domain. His collaboration with Louis Poulsen, which began in 1924 and endured until his passing, remains pivotal to the brand's ethos.

Henningsen's innovative work flourished, even as he sought refuge in Sweden. His pioneering exploration of the relationship between light, shadows, glare, and color reproduction laid the foundation for Louis Poulsen's enduring lighting philosophy, characterized by exceptional, glare-free illumination. As the first editor of the company magazine ‘NYT’, Henningsen further solidified his imprint on Louis Poulsen's identity, championing radical perspectives and reshaping the discourse on light and design.

Today, Louis Poulsen continues to honor Henningsen's legacy, perpetuating his vision of illuminating spaces with unparalleled grace and functionality.


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