The Boloboys: Riding the Wave of Friendship and Music

On the night of October 13, 2023, The Boloboys unleashed a tape featuring six captivating songs. But this is more than just a music release; it's a tale of how The Boloboys came to life and grew into a formidable crew.

This collective comprises a diverse group of individuals, hailing from Vienna and Berlin, united by their shared passions for skateboarding, tattoos, poetry, rap, and a profound love for dreaming. The blend of these eclectic influences finds its way into their songs. However, it's impossible to miss the overwhelming sense of camaraderie and friendship among the Boloboys. 

At the heart of this crew are pivotal figures: Can mit Messer, ToobrokeforFiji, Beslik Meister, Okfella, Sin Davis, and Makko. The origin of their name, the Boloboys, reveals a touch of culinary humor. These friends, who have savored life together for years, cemented their bond over countless gatherings of cooking Bolognese and smoking weed.

Just last year, the Boloboys embarked on a collective tour that left venues sold out and a rapidly growing fan base. The hype surrounding their laid-back, life-infused music continues to ascend.

Makko, a prominent figure in the crew, has steadily made a name for himself in the German rap scene over the past few years. He's been associated with heavyweight producers like Miksu and Macloud and his track "Kühlpacks," released in 2019, has already garnered a staggering three million streams. Yet, Makko remains deeply connected to his Boloboys family, frequently collaborating with them across his four released albums and sharing the stage with his crew during performances.

Track names, features and producers:
1. Bolokoma (prod by XarBeats).
2. Clever (prod by Overshiaat)
3. 2 Baun (prod by Boloboys, prodbypengg)
4. bessa feat. souly (prod. by prodbypengg)
5. fratellis (prod by Andrewextendo)
6. sidewalk (prod by Endzone)

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