Palace x McDonald's Collaboration

Indeed, the world of skateboarding brand Palace and fast-food giant McDonald's have collided in a unique fashion collaboration. 

Inspiration for this collection, aptly named "AS FEATURED IN," was drawn from McDonald's unmistakable characteristics. Palace has subtly incorporated the imagery of McDonald's into skate clips in the past, making the fast-food chain a natural source of inspiration for this collection.

A diverse range of products graces this collection, featuring hoodies, crewnecks, T-shirts, and even three skate decks. The standout pieces, however, are undoubtedly the "SIGN T-SHIRT BLACK" and the "LOGO HOOD WHITE."

What truly sets this collection apart is the purchasing process. Those eager to own a piece from the collection must first acquire an "As Featured In" menu from McDonald's, complete with QR codes on the packaging. These QR codes lead customers to a website where they can browse and purchase their desired items, which are later delivered by post.

This collaboration presents a fresh and intriguing departure from traditional fashion partnerships. In summary, it's a resounding success.


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