Paola Lenti

Paola Lenti’s journey commenced with a single thread, the very fabric of their vision, woven meticulously into their inaugural rug offerings in 1994. Fuelled by boundless passion, they were artisans at heart, devoted to sourcing impeccable materials and weaving them into vibrant tapestries of color, pattern, and form.
Their evolution saw them delve deeper into the realm of yarns and textiles, birthing their pioneering outdoor collections that swiftly garnered acclaim both locally and internationally. This foray fortified their identity, with color emerging as their signature, a beacon of their craft. Collaborations burgeoned, marrying tradition with innovation, as they championed cutting-edge technical yarns alongside the resurrection of time-honored fibers like flax and hemp, paying homage to global cultures and preserving endangered cultivation practices.

From the outset, environmental stewardship was paramount. They committed to crafting sustainable furnishings, embracing processes with minimal ecological impact. What began humbly burgeoned into a thriving industrial entity, fueled by a diverse cohort of professionals and bolstered by steadfast collaborations with local artisans, anchoring an all-Italian production chain.

Expanding from residential realms to yachting and hospitality, they honed their expertise, tailoring solutions for diverse contexts. Their collections now adorn over 60 countries, showcased in prestigious showrooms worldwide.

Beyond the outdoors, Paola Lenti ventured into interior realms, transforming the home into a complete domestic cosmos. From carpets to sofas, armchairs to chaise lounges, their offerings seamlessly integrate, creating cohesive living environments where materials engage in a symphony of color and texture.

Nearly three decades on, they remain tethered to their origins, proud stewards of their storied legacy, as they continue to weave threads of innovation, sustainability, and beauty into the fabric of design.

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