PDF, the avant-garde fashion brand by Italian designer Domenico Formichetti, once again set new standards with the presentation of its latest Spring/Summer 2025 collection "Holy Motor" during Milan Fashion Week. Formichetti and his team impressively demonstrated that terms like "normal" and "small" have no place in their vocabulary. The event was not just a traditional fashion show but a spectacular festival that left the audience in awe.

The presentation took place in the impressive Ex Macello, a venue that perfectly reflected the industrial aesthetic of the collection. This venue, known for its raw and edgy atmosphere, provided a fitting backdrop for the event. The space was transformed into a vibrant festival ground, complete with an elaborate stage setup and dynamic lighting, enhancing the immersive experience for all attendees. Formichetti created an extraordinary experience that went far beyond the usual boundaries of a fashion show. The event was a true feast for the senses, featuring not only the catwalk but also numerous breathtaking shows and performances.

A highlight of the presentation was the live performances by nine of Italy's biggest rappers, including Ghali, Tony Effe, Tedua, Gaia, Anna, Bresh, Capo Plaza, Tony Boy, and Astro. These musical interludes gave the event an unparalleled festival atmosphere. The combination of fashion and music created a unique and dynamic energy that captivated the audience and made the event unforgettable. The performances were carefully interwoven with the fashion show, with each musical act complementing the themes and aesthetics of the collection being showcased. This seamless integration of music and fashion underscored Formichetti's vision of a holistic, sensory-rich experience.

The audience itself was as extraordinary as the show. Unlike most fashion shows, which are usually reserved for brand representatives, magazine editors, and influencers, the PDF team made the presentation accessible to everyone. This inclusivity led to around 2,000 visitors being present, adding even more vibrancy and energy to the atmosphere. The diverse crowd, ranging from fashion enthusiasts and music fans to industry professionals and everyday people, created a unique and inclusive environment. The event felt more like a music festival than a brand presentation, giving it an unmatched dynamic. Attendees were able to interact with the models, performers, and even Formichetti himself, further breaking down the barriers typically seen at high-profile fashion events.

The "Holy Motor" collection was inspired by automotive culture, integrating classic car and motorcycle aesthetics into modern streetwear designs. Formichetti drew inspiration from the interiors of cars from the 70s and 80s, reflected in tartan patterns and shiny coatings reminiscent of fresh car paint. Oversized T-shirts featured prints resembling motocross chest protectors, and leather jackets were adorned with logos from gas stations like Sunoco and Amoco. These design elements created a visual bridge between the world of cars and fashion, showcasing Formichetti's ability to draw inspiration from diverse sources and blend them seamlessly into his designs.

In addition to the thematic pieces, the collection also included PDF's signature oversized accessories, such as backpacks and shoes. A notable collaboration was with Italian designer Mattias Gollin, resulting in a giant leather backpack with silver detailing. Another standout piece was a white leather jacket with a spray-painted Rottweiler on the back and "Pelle Pelle" spelled out in rhinestones across the shoulders. These unique and eye-catching pieces underscore Formichetti's ability to push boundaries and create innovative designs. The oversized accessories, which have become a hallmark of the brand, were designed not only to make a bold fashion statement but also to be functional and practical.

The color palette of the collection contrasted the sunny summer skies with dark tones of black, orange, green, and brown, inspired by car interiors. This palette was carefully chosen to evoke the contrast between the bright, carefree spirit of summer and the rugged, durable nature of automotive materials. Robust textiles such as denim, mesh, and triacetate were used to emphasize the durability that every driver expects from their vehicle. The triacetate material, known for its shiny look and luxurious feel, was developed in collaboration with motorcycle protection company Dainese. These materials highlight PDF's commitment to quality and longevity, ensuring that the garments are not only stylish but also built to last.

In addition to the impressive fashion creations and live performances, numerous food trucks and bars rounded off the event, making the presentation a comprehensive experience that combined fashion, music, and culture. These culinary offerings contributed to the festival atmosphere and gave visitors the opportunity to relax and absorb the diverse impressions. The variety of food and drink options catered to different tastes, enhancing the overall enjoyment of the event. This thoughtful inclusion of culinary delights ensured that attendees could fully immerse themselves in the festival experience, enjoying not only the visual and auditory aspects but also the sensory pleasures of taste and smell.

The list of prominent supporters of the PDF brand is equally impressive. Celebrities like Drake, Lil Yachty, Doja Cat, and 21 Savage have worn custom pieces by Formichetti, and Rihanna was photographed in one of his orange bomber jackets. Even NFL running back Alvin Kamara walked in one of his shows. This support from high-profile personalities further elevates the brand and demonstrates how highly PDF is regarded in the fashion world. These endorsements highlight the brand's growing influence and appeal, attracting attention from a wide range of high-profile figures in the entertainment and sports industries.

Formichetti, who discovered his love for clothing through his passion for extreme sports like snowboarding, was heavily inspired by the baggy outfits of professional snowboarders. These influences are clearly evident in his oversized designs. His youthful fascination with skate and snowboard culture, as well as graffiti, is reflected in his modern streetwear creations. This background has given him a unique perspective and approach to fashion, allowing him to merge the worlds of sports, street culture, and high fashion seamlessly.

With this presentation, PDF and Domenico Formichetti impressively demonstrated their ability to push boundaries and create unique, unforgettable moments. The "Holy Motor" collection and the associated presentation during Milan Fashion Week were a resounding success, showcasing once again why PDF is considered one of the most exciting and innovative brands in the modern fashion world. The event was a celebration of creativity, inclusivity, and the power of interdisciplinary collaboration. As PDF continues to evolve and grow, it remains at the forefront of fashion innovation, consistently delivering bold, boundary-pushing designs that captivate audiences worldwide.
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