Peter Do - Born to Go

Peter Do, the creative force behind his eponymous label, thrives on community, precise tailoring, and unwavering support for New York's garment district. His designs have won favor with celebrities like Zendaya and Beyoncé.

Born in Vietnam, Do moved to Philadelphia at 14, later studying at the Fashion Institute of Technology and winning the 2014 LVMH Graduate Prize. Afterward, he worked at Celine and Derek Lam before launching his brand in 2018, debuting at New York Fashion Week in 2021.

Fast forward to May 2023, and Helmut Lang appointed Do as creative director. His debut collection for Spring/Summer 2024, titled “Born to Go” for Helmut Lang, premiered at this year's NY Fashion Week. The show began with an Ocean Vuong essay, delving into the queer experience symbolized by cars as a means to transcend societal constraints. Lang broke new ground by using New York's yellow taxi cabs for high-fashion advertising. Do referenced this moment with a yellow print on formalwear and seat belt-inspired straps crisscrossing the wearer's torso, fastened by belt loops on sharp trousers. The color palette leaned neutral, except for a subtle touch of vibrant pink in the suiting details, maintaining a safety-focused aesthetic.

Ocean Vuong's profound words adorned reverse button-down shirts, featuring impactful phrases like "Your car was my first room" and "Our clothes on the floor like stepped-on flowers." These shirts perfectly complemented Helmut Lang's iconic collection, which included sleek flat-front trousers, intricately pleated leather pants, effortlessly draped coats held gracefully by models, and pattern-infused skirts.

In the fashion world, where a brand has long operated without a clear guiding vision, Peter Do's debut marks an exciting new era. His rapid rise in fashion owes much to his instinctive approach, leaving us to ponder: can he successfully apply this remarkable talent to another brand's lineup in the seasons ahead?

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