Porsche x Vitra

The collaboration between Porsche and Vitra represents a fusion of technical expertise and refined aesthetics. In 1948, Porsche introduced the 356 sports car, while concurrently, Ray and Charles Eames submitted their groundbreaking Plastic Chair design. Vitra, renowned for its premium furniture, partners with Porsche to create designs that exude timeless elegance and sophistication.

Enter the Porsche Pepita Edition by Vitra—a limited collection that epitomizes iconic design, exceptional craftsmanship, and unparalleled comfort. The Pepita pattern, now emblematic of Porsche, serves as a tribute to the distinctive style of the iconic 911. By marrying the classic Eames design with Porsche’s Pepita fabric, these chairs become distinctive statement pieces, blending elegance with functionality seamlessly.

The ID Trim L Pepita Edition office chair stands out as a pinnacle of comfort, paying homage to Porsche’s legacy. With its adjustable lumbar support and advanced FlowMotion mechanism, it ensures maximum comfort during long work hours. From the Pepita fabric adorning the seat to the leather-covered headrest featuring the Porsche emblem, every detail pays homage to Porsche’s rich heritage.

For those seeking stylish relaxation, the Petit Repos Porsche Pepita Edition armchair is crafted from the finest materials, including plush Pepita fabric upholstery and sleek black leather accents. With its clean lines and timeless elegance, this exclusive furniture piece adds a touch of luxury to any home, seamlessly blending comfort with unique design.

source: shop.porsche.com
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