Quavo x Air Jordan 1 Low "Rocket Power"

Nike has teamed up with the renowned US rapper Quavo to introduce a fresh iteration of the Air Jordan Low. This dynamic collaboration takes the moniker "Rocket Power," the same title that his upcoming album is set to bear.

At first glance, the sneaker boasts an all-white design that might not appear overly striking. It incorporates white leather, white mesh fabric, and a white outsole. However, the allure lies in the subtle yet distinctive details that make this release noteworthy.

Adorning the side of the sneaker are a handful of constellations elegantly embroidered in gold. Another captivating element is the rocket motif, prominently displayed on the heel of the shoe. Accompanying the sneakers is an acrylic card that shares the same design aesthetics.

The rocket motif serves as a poignant tribute to Quavo's nephew "Takeoff," an integral member of the Migos group, who tragically lost his life due to a shooting incident in 2022. Given Takeoff's connection with rocket imagery, it becomes a fitting symbol. The infinity symbol integrated into the rocket encapsulates the sentiment "Takeoff 'til infinity." Moreover, this symbol also holds significance for the joint album "Only Built for Infinity Links," a collaborative project Quavo and Takeoff unveiled shortly before Takeoff's untimely passing.

Anticipation builds for both the shoe's release and the album's debut. Quavo himself shared his sentiments about the album on Instagram, expressing:

"This Album Embraces My Full Spectrum of Emotions. Amidst the healing process, I've discovered the art of transforming tragedy into triumph. I delved deep into my purpose, harnessing the strength to persevere. To my fans, thank you for your patience and unwavering support. To my FAMILY, in the face of adversity, we're united by the mission of preserving the Rocket legacy. TIL INFINITY."

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