Saint James Jr. - The new face of Milan underground scene
A brief introduction of yourself? (Who are you? What do you do? How long have you been in the music business?). 
My name is Saint James Jr. I'm a rapper and model based out of Luxembourg. I embarked on my journey in the industry five years ago, starting with music.

What inspires you about music? 
Music holds the power to alter your energy and mindset. These frequencies are tangible, inspiring me to evoke new feelings and emotions that perhaps others have yet to explore.

How did you get into music? 
I've always had a passion for music. My journey began in Jazz, where I played the saxophone and sought to broaden my creative outlets. Initially, I delved into poetry, drawing inspiration from the works of Langston Hughes, my favorite poet. It was upon relocating to Los Angeles that I truly delved into the craft of aligning my words with beats. Then, during the COVID-19 pandemic in Oakland, everything began to fall into place.

How do fashion and music connect for you? 
Music and fashion share a symbiotic relationship. Both are communal endeavors; assembling a collection or crafting a song requires a dedicated team striving for perfection. The collaboration between producer and artist mirrors the meticulous process of designing a garment. There's a unique thrill in the studio when a song is completed collaboratively—an experience I deeply cherish.

What do you want to achieve with music in the future?
Like every artist, I aspire to greatness. However, my ambition extends further—I aim to emerge as one of the artists who originated from my community and fostered a significant movement in a foreign land. Europe's vibrant fanbase presents a wealth of opportunities, and I am here to share my narrative and celebrate my culture with them.

What role models do you have in your music? 
I've always had a deep appreciation for 90s Boom Bap and Hip Hop. Artists like Rakim, Nas, and Jay Z ignited my passion with their energy and lyrical prowess. Hailing from the Midwest, Kanye West, Common, and Lupe Fiasco have been influential in shedding light on my path. Over the last four years, Skepta has emerged as my favorite artist. His authenticity and versatility set him apart in the contemporary music landscape.

What can you tell us about the scene in Milan? What is the scene like in Milan? The scene in Milan is on the rise! There's a wave of underground artists with genuine movements making their mark. Being part of this scene is invigorating because we all have something to express and demonstrate. The hunger and determination of these Italian rappers are palpable, and I deeply admire that drive.

How long have you been active in the scene? 
I began my journey in the modeling scene in Milan, which initially garnered attention for me. As my presence grew, so did my music, and gradually people started to take notice and listen. This year, I feel I've made significant strides in the underground music scene in Milan, having the chance to showcase my talent in front of labels and music scouts. My goal isn't just to be a streaming artist; I aspire to be a performer, and I'm actively honing my skills and gaining experience onstage.
What is your EP about? Why an EP? 
It's taken me six years to reach this point with this EP. These songs represent exactly what I want to convey in a full project. Titled "I Hope You Find Happiness," this EP reflects my journey to finding peace and contentment in my life, and I've written these tracks from that newfound state of mind. Hailing from tough neighborhoods in the states, surviving and thriving, especially as a black man, isn't always the expected outcome. This project is a reflection of that reality.

What do you think is the best track on the EP? 
The featured track from my EP is titled "Yea Frfr." I'm particularly fond of this song because of its uptempo vibe. It gives off the feeling of being on the run, which resonates with my own experiences. It's almost like living out scenes from Bourne Identity, which is one of the references I draw upon for the EP.

What was the best moment in your career so far? 
One of the most significant moments for me was my time in Los Angeles. My mentor, Lenny S, the VP of Roc Nation, played a pivotal role in shaping my journey. For two years, I shadowed him, observing how he managed DJ Khaled, and he graciously allowed me to accompany him to music sets. This all happened before I even wrote a rap. Through this experience, I gained invaluable insights and knowledge that have greatly influenced me as an artist.

What are your goals for 2024?
What am I most looking forward to? Definitely more performances, and in different countries, too. Also, I'm eager to collaborate with more artists.

What releases can we look forward to in the future? 
"DE$IGNER" and "LA BREA AVÉ" are two songs that have been gaining traction on Spotify. However, all the singles I've released offer diverse energies that I think you'll appreciate.
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