Rebirth of Sound: The Evolution of Simon Lauren from Nec
Laurin Simon K├╝nzle began his career as a DJ and producer under the alias Nec in 2017. He started his journey in his childhood bedroom, where he received a small mixer as a Christmas gift. Spending day and night practicing, he honed his DJing skills. As he delved deeper into the craft, he discovered the program Fruity Loops Studio, which allowed him not only to improve his DJing but also to start producing his own music.

Gradually, he grew proficient in both disciplines and embarked on his first gigs as part of a duo known as Schnecki x Nec. Within three years, he became a fixture in local clubs, establishing himself in the regional EDM scene. At just 17 years old, he secured his first publishing deal with Rene Rodriguez's label, "BigSmile Records." However, this partnership was eventually dissolved by mutual agreement.

Following the label split, Schnecki x Nec rebranded themselves as Slatt Mafia, which opened up new opportunities. Their inaugural open-air performance took place at the Steinebach Openair, marking the beginning of a series of performances across Vorarlberg until September 2022. After careful consideration, the duo decided to part ways and focus on their individual artistic endeavors.

Since then, Nec, now operating under the moniker "Simon Lauren," has released three singles and two EPs, performing at numerous smaller venues. However, with a shift towards music production, the old alias no longer felt suitable. After a year of contemplation and dedication to his craft, the young producer made the decision to rebrand himself.

A short Interview with Simon Lauren:

What prompted your decision to change your name?

I didn't have a significant backstory behind my previous alias, "Nec." When questioned about its meaning, I couldn't provide a satisfying answer. Additionally, I felt it was time for a fresh start, both musically and personally.

How do you envision the future with your new name?
Moving forward, I plan to continue producing bass house and future house music, while also exploring new genres to broaden my artistic horizons. Collaborating with other artists is another avenue I'm eager to explore to enhance the quality of my tracks.

What are your aspirations with your new identity?
Establishing a personal brand is a primary goal. Through my tracks, I aim to weave a narrative that resonates with my fanbase and captivates new listeners. Creating a compelling story behind each track is crucial for fostering engagement and connection with my audience.

What aspects do you intend to prioritize in your future endeavors?
Sound design and quality will be my main focus, as they serve as the foundation for producing impactful tracks. However, I also recognize the importance of melody and arrangement in crafting memorable music experiences.

What goals have you set for yourself in 2024 following the name change?
I've outlined numerous objectives for the year, and I'm determined to pursue them with dedication and focus. While the journey may be challenging, I'm fully prepared to put in the effort to achieve my goals and strive for excellence.

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