String®: Crafting Timeless Scandinavian Design

Recognizing a need for practical book storage solutions in Swedish homes, the Bonnier publishing house launched a competition in 1949. The challenge: design an affordable, easy-to-ship, and simple-to-assemble bookcase. String® emerged as the victor, meeting all criteria, and was chosen as the winning design the same year. String® swiftly found its place as a beloved piece of furniture in Swedish households during the vibrant 1950s and 1960s. This period marked significant milestones for the company, including furnishing the UN headquarters in New York with String® products, earning the gold medal at the Triennale in Milan, and showcasing at the influential H55, a pivotal moment in the Swedish design movement. Notably, the String® system also evolved into the best-selling Scandinavian furniture in Germany.

After a hiatus of several years, the brand experienced a revival in 2004. This renaissance marked the establishment of the brand as it is known today. The product range underwent meticulous revision, introducing new functions for the control system. The revival was an instant success, catapulting String® back into the realm of timeless Scandinavian design.

The relaunch garnered widespread acclaim from both the public and the legal sphere. In 2009, the shelving system achieved recognition as applied art under the Copyright Act, solidifying String® as a work of art. Beyond its enduring, modern design, String® offers versatile solutions for storage needs in homes, public institutions, and offices, positioning itself at the intersection of functionality and artistic expression.

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