The Timeless Icon of Modern Danish Design: The CH24 Wishbone Chair

In the realm of modern design, the legendary CH24 Wishbone Chair, created by Hans J. Wegner, occupies a hallowed position. Its unique and unmistakable shape sets it apart as an enduring icon.

When conceptualizing the CH24, Wegner ingeniously combined the backrest and armrest into a single, unified piece. To bestow upon the steam-bent top both stability and the promise of comfortable seating, Hans J. Wegner masterfully crafted the distinctive Y-shaped backrest, from which the Wishbone Chair derives its name.

Crafting a Wishbone Chair is an intricate process encompassing over 100 meticulous steps, many of which are still meticulously executed by skilled artisans. The hand-woven seat alone demands nearly an hour of painstaking craftsmanship. Comprising around 120 meters of paper cord, this seat exemplifies remarkable durability and stability, endowing the chair with both strength and longevity. The Wishbone Chair seamlessly marries comfort and stability while meeting the highest aesthetic standards through its distinctive and elegant form.

Over the years, the Wishbone Chair has rightfully earned its reputation as the quintessential embodiment of modern Danish design, standing as an enduring testament to its timeless appeal.

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