The Vitra Lounge Chair was designed by the renowned designer couple, Charles and Ray Eames, in the 1950s. Their goal was to create an armchair that offered ultimate comfort. Since Vitra acquired the rights to manufacture and sell it, the design has remained largely unchanged. The only significant modification has been to the dimensions, which were adjusted to accommodate the increase in people's sizes over the years. Since its introduction in 1956, Vitra's Lounge Chair has become a timeless classic, distinguished by its unique appearance and exceptional quality.

The classic Lounge Chair is fully customizable to meet each customer's preferences. You can choose from an extensive range of leather colors and qualities, and the wooden elements are also available in five different types, such as American cherry, Santos rosewood, walnut, or ash. The chair's frame is crafted from die-cast aluminum.

To enhance the overall look, an optional ottoman is available, which complements the Lounge Chair beautifully.

With a 10-year manufacturer's warranty, the Vitra classic exudes a distinctive and elegant charm. Anyone familiar with designer furniture recognizes its enduring value and allure.

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