Summer's End and Club Nights Begin: A Playlist by Our Editors
As summer gracefully bows out and the allure of club nights beckons, our editors have meticulously curated the ideal soundtrack to fuel your dancefloor adventures. Here's what we recommend:
1. "Prada" - casso, Raye, D-Block Europe
2. "Strangers" - Kenya Grace
3. "Rumble" - Fred Again, Skrillex
4. "Lose Control" - James Hype
5. "Atmosphere" - Fisher
6. "Nanana" - Peggy Gou
7. "Lay Low" - Tiesto
8. "Hurricane" - Martin Garrix
9. "FE!N" - Travis Scott
10. "AYE" - Lil Uzi Vert
Let these electrifying beats and rhythms guide you through the pulsating nights ahead as you embrace the club scene's irresistible energy
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