USM - A World Of Plants

The Swiss furniture manufacturer USM was founded in 1885 as a metal and locksmith company by Ulrich Schärer. The company is still headquartered in Münsingen.

USM quickly conquered the furniture and has published a distinctive product that everyone loves and can be used indefinitely versatile.

The USM Haller product is versatile. In offices, private rooms as well as public facilities. 

Due to the high quality is reflected not only by the design but also by the precision of the processing of raw materials that ultimately result in the finished furniture.

To be able to develop the product again and again, the Swiss furniture manufacturer has decided to bring nature into the living rooms as well as offices.

This has been achieved excellently with the new line "A WORLD OF PLANTS". Many customers are delighted with the greening of the shelf.

The World of Plants line is made of USM's normal special sheet metal and, depending on the configuration, has cutouts to place the supplied plant pots in it.

With this extension, you not only connect the interior with nature but also improve the indoor climate and the air that is in the room through the plants.

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