The Austrian rap elite

In our exploration of hidden gems within the German-speaking realm, we highlight some exceptional Austrian artists:

A vibrant artist hailing from Vienna, Bibiza channels Falco’s style, infusing pop, rap, and new school vibes into his music.

Known as one of the region’s top hit producers, Stickle crafts beats for notable artists like Pashanim, Yung Hurn, and Symba.

A living meme and rap revolutionary, MoneyBoy, from Vienna’s 1150 district, captivates audiences with his charming and humorous persona, amassing a devoted fan base.

A seasoned rap veteran from Vienna, Nazar boasts an extensive list of top tracks and numerous collaborations, gracing the rap scene since 2006.

Raf Camora
Adored by millions across the „DACH“ region, Raf Camora’s music racks up millions of streams, delivering mega hits alongside Germany’s top rappers.

A budding talent, Yugo’s music often touches on the migrant experience in Austria, drawing from his Macedonian roots.

Yung Hurn
Having attained immense success, Yung Hurn boasts millions of streams, noteworthy collaborations, and multiple records, establishing himself as a top-tier rapper.

Nik Dean
Vienna’s preeminent rap music producer, Nik Dean, has gained prominence with productions for Travis Scott, G-Eazy, and Tory Lanez. His Grammy nomination this year solidifies his stature.

Eli Preiss
Eli’s association with Bologang and Makko catapulted her to fame. Her tracks, notably „Wein in Wien,“ have garnered millions of Spotify streams, showcasing Vienna’s essence in her sound.

Gola Gianni
Austria’s rising star, Gola Gianni collaborates with legends like Kwam.E and Yung Hurn, teaming up with renowned producers such as Young Mesh and Juhdee, carving a prominent place in the German rap scene.

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