Vorarlberg 2023 Festival Highlights

As the sun graced the skies, Vorarlberg bore witness to an array of remarkable festivals that resonated with the rhythm of music and the spirit of celebration. Here's a recap of the vibrant festival scene that unfolded in the summer of 2023:

Poolbar Festival: A Melodic Oasis in Feldkirch
Throughout the sun-kissed summer days, the captivating melodies of the Poolbar Festival permeated the air, emanating from the iconic "Altes Hallenbad" in Feldkirch. A medley of artists, including luminaries like Symba and Danger Dan, graced the stage, enriching the musical tapestry. With an impressive turnout of around 30,000 guests, Feldkirch witnessed a resounding success, etching a memorable chapter in the annals of the festival season.

Szene Openair Festival: Where Music Triumphs Amidst Raindrops
Despite the skies occasionally weeping, the fervent spirit of music prevailed at the Szene Openair Festival in Lustenau, drawing in a crowd of 20,000 enthusiasts. Amidst the raindrops, the stage hosted a symphony of performances by icons like Cro, Ski Aggu, Camo and Krooked, transcending the weather to craft a musical utopia. For devotees of music from Vorarlberg and beyond, this festival is an unmissable highlight, embodying the resilient spirit of music lovers.

Kultursommer Festival: The Soothing Sounds of Conrad Sohm
This year, the Conrad Sohm reverberated with the harmonious strains of summer concerts as part of the Kultursommer Festival. Welcoming 20,000 visitors to its embrace, the festival showcased an eclectic lineup including the likes of Provinz, Denzel Curry, and 01099. As a pivotal element of the festival circuit in Vorarlberg and its neighboring regions, Kultursommer Festival left an indelible mark on the hearts of music enthusiasts.

In the symphony of festivals that adorned Vorarlberg in 2023, the spirit of music, unity, and artistic expression converged, rendering this season a truly unforgettable chapter in the vibrant tapestry of cultural celebrations.

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