Some short snippets of Playboy Carti and Kanye's kid North West went viral in a short time and people can't wait for the release of the new album. It was supposed to be a collaboration album with Ty Dolla Sign called Vultures Release. But Kanye has now changed the release date for the third time. The album was actually supposed to be released on December 15th, but then nothing happened. Later, the album was officially set for December 30, but this date has now been set back by two weeks. The new release date is set for January 15, 2024, but the hope that this is the release date is now fading.
The artist has already made several bizarre moves for album promos and it seems as if this is yet another promo move by him to generate as much hype as possible for Vultures. But in doing so, the artist is angering his loyal fans. 
Before the first date, there was an official listening party attended by numerous celebrities. It is still unclear why exactly the album was not released, but everyone hopes that it will be released as soon as possible. The tracklist has already been published on TY Dolla Sign's account and is also available on Apple Music. A total of 18 songs are to appear on the album. Which promo moves we can still expect remains to be seen and when the album will actually drop is written in the stars, but hopefully soon.
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