Who is Gerda?

There's an exciting new release in German rap: the album "Believe in Gerda" has surprisingly been released without prior notice and brings together an impressive mix of talented artists and top-class producers. With Griselda-like productions and a host of German rap heavyweights such as Marteria, Kwam.E, Apsilon, Hanybal and others, this project promises to be a real highlight.

Behind GERDA is an interesting formation consisting of members of the well-known producer team The Krauts as well as musicians from Seeed. This fusion of different musical talents promises a unique sound that will delight fans. The beats were inspired by renowned producers such as The Alchemist and Conductor Williams, which underlines the quality of the album.

The creation story of "Believe in Gerda" is characterized by challenges and delays, which gives the album a certain authenticity. It shows that there is a story and a lot of commitment behind every track.

Particularly surprising is the appearance of Xatar on the album, who literally sneaks onto a song by Wa22ermann and Tom Hengst and is not even officially listed as a feature. This kind of surprise element makes the album even more exciting for fans.

The release via Kabul Fire Records, which was founded by Farhot, also shows the interest in innovative productions and creative projects in the music scene. It's great to see a label like Kabul Fire Records supporting and promoting such projects.

"Believe in Gerda" promises to be an album that celebrates the diversity and talent of the German rap scene. With innovative beats and exciting tracks, it is sure to delight fans and critics alike.

The album not only showcases the musical diversity and innovation of the German rap scene, but also the creative collaboration of various artists and producers. The fusion of Griselda-like productions with German rap heavyweights such as Marteria, Kwam.E and Apsilon promises a unique listening experience.

The story of the album's creation, which tells of the challenges and delays during the production process, lends "Believe in Gerda" a certain authenticity and depth. It shows that this album was not simply produced, but that there is a story behind every track.

The variety of artists represented on the album shows the breadth and depth of the German rap scene. From established greats like Marteria and Xatar to up-and-coming talents like OG Keemo and Shacke One, there is something for everyone. This diversity makes the album a real listening pleasure for fans of different rap styles.

The release via Kabul Fire Records underlines the importance of independent labels and their contribution to promoting new and innovative projects in the music scene. Kabul Fire Records has established itself as a platform for experimental and cross-genre music and "Believe in Gerda" is another example of their commitment to creative projects.

Overall, "Believe in Gerda" promises to be an album that explores the boundaries of German rap while celebrating the diversity and talent of the scene. With top-class productions, surprising features and a variety of artists, it's an album that deserves attention and is sure to stay in listeners' minds for a long time.

source: hiphop.de

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